Dessert Amgigo


Dessert Amigo is a takeaway based in Portsmouth, offering delicious and mouth watering treats to supplement any meal.

The Goal

As a start-up they understood their digital footprint would play a key role in the success of their company. They hired me to create a simple, user friendly and responsive website to present their menu, brand and key information so their customers would easily be able to contact the company & order their favourite treats.

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How did I help?

Responsive design & development

Secure & reliable hosting

Interactive Web app

Continued web support

Dessert Amigo Device Mockup - Mobile
Dessert Amigo Device Mockup - Laptop
Dessert Amigo Device Mockup - Monitor

The Story

To reach the goal set out by the client, I had to firstly prototype a UX optimised website to ensure my code would be efficient and undestandable, meaning the website would be easy to use. Using the information given to me, I also designed the website using the brands identity which enabled me to include animations to increase the interactivity of the website. I organised with the client, photo shoots using my in-house photographers, these high quality and professional images helped to increase the website look & feel.

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