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Ciaran Mcevoy, a photography fanatic based locally to me in Portsmouth. Specialises in street & portrait photography. Using both digital and film cameras to capture the moment perfectly.

The Goal

The brief was to create a simplistic, however, bold and effective website to put on show some of his amazing work and help the public get to know the man behind the lens as well as presenting his thought out projects.

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How did I help?

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The Story

Ciaran's website did not come without it's problems, one issue was the loading time due to the file size. However, after some research we were able to devise a plan to maintain a high quality image while decreasing the file size. This is now an option avaliable to all clients, if they wish, free of charge. We then started developing project pages to create a clean and simple design to create a professional and organised ux design.
I am looking forward to developing the website as Ciaran's skills and projects increase.

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